Tina Lofthouse, freelance journalist

Tina Lofthouse has been a journalist for over 15 years, and has a wealth of experience in a number of fields. Below is a summary of her expertise and some of the services she can provide.


Tina is experienced in overseeing the entire publishing process of a print title. She offers a wide range of skills, including determining the look and feel of a new magazine, commissioning, and liaising with printers and advertisers. With a network of talented writers, designers and photographers in her contacts book, Tina can put together a bespoke team for wide range of projects. Her recent commissions include the launch of a high-end lifestyle magazine for an award-winning London nightclub and a newsletter for a luxury apartment company.

Celebrity, lifestyle and travel writer

Having worked on a busy TV and entertainment newsdesk, Tina has experience of covering celebrity events, where she has interviewed a range of stars. She is also a regular contributor to a number of lifestyle titles, providing features on beauty, shopping, leisure and culture. Tina enjoys travelling the globe and uses her first-hand research to produce lively, informative travel features, such as the world's weirdest pubs and quad bike safaris, for clients such as Orange.

Business writer (editorial)

As a contributor to leading legal business magazine Managing Partner, Tina is commissioned to write articles on industry issues such as succession planning and outsourcing. She has also written best practice reports on topics including Mergers and Acquisitions. Tina also contributes topical health features to the Economist Group.

Business writer (marketing and PR)

As a journalist, Tina knows what will make a press release stand out - and what will hit the bin. She has used her writing skills to produce marketing material for companies such as Ogilvy and Souk Communications. Projects have included brochures for a regional development agency to encourage overseas investment into the UK, and a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest developments in areas such as biotechnology, IT, the creative industries and aerospace.

Author and book researcher

Her published books include The Cocktail Years, containing over 365 recipes for classic and contemporary cocktails, and Olive Oil - a comprehensive guide to the varieties around the world and how to make the most of them.

Food Writer

As an avid foodie, Tina combines her hobby with her work. She has contributed restaurant and bar reviews to a number of magazines, and has worked as a reviewer for a well-known restaurant guide. She has also interviewed a number of famous chefs, and has worked as copywriter for a contract publisher on several of its food titles.

Web Journalist

Tina has specific experience in writing content for the Web, producing everything from topical mini-sites to travel and lifestyle pieces. She knows how to tailor copy to make it work online and can often supply photographs to accompany her articles. Commissions have included the 'Top 10 bars with a view' and 'team-building days out' for a sales website, and news and features for a new luxury lifestyle portal.

Services available include:

  • Editing and project management
  • Features and news writing
  • Recipe writing
  • Reviews
  • PR and marketing copy
  • Online content
  • Proof-reading and subbing
  • Ghostwriting